Modern, trusted esports solutions

Together, Insight and MSI deliver innovative computer solutions, monitors and peripherals at competitive prices.

MSI video card

Durable capabilities

The latest processors and video cards meet demand for streaming, broadcasting and more.

MSI laptop

Maximum output

MSI® docking solutions are equipped with up to three external displays and five USB ports.

MSI products

Dependable warranties

MSI products come with an up to three-year warranty, including on-site system warranties.

Woman on a virtual meeting

Gain a competitive edge.

When top-ranked esports players face off against the competition, they choose MSI gaming products. These trusted solutions are designed by experienced Research and Development (R&D) experts and field-tested by professional gamers.

With the power of MSI, achieving remarkable records on the world stage of professional gaming becomes possible.

The MSI portfolio

Powerful, reliable and customizable, MSI hardware thrives under even the most demanding gaming conditions.

Step up your game.

Lead your team to victory with modern, high-performing esports solutions from Insight and MSI.

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