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Data sharing is secure with Tableau.

Tableau data analytics software empowers you to create one easy-to-find destination for enterprise data and content. Invite employees to view and share business intelligence data in a user-friendly environment — without worry of accidental leaks or unauthorized viewers.

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Verify your users.

Security starts with accurate user identification. Tableau supports industry-standard authentication, including Active Directory®, Kerberos, OpenID Connect, SAML, trusted tickets and certificates. Tableau solutions also have their own built-in user identity service: Local Authentication.

Anyone in your organization must be represented as a user in the Tableau identity store. Tableau creates and maintains an account for each named user, which persists across all sessions for consistency.

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Control who can see important data.

Security and compliance features of Tableau provide a flexible permissions infrastructure so you can manage content access in countless scenarios. Use granular roles and permissions to enforce controls on viewing data.

Site roles define each user as either an administrator, content consumer or publisher, with varying permission levels for each role. Use permissions to control which data, content and objects a user can access and which actions a user or group can take on various types of content.

Keep outsiders from coming in.

Tableau security and compliance uses the robust capabilities of SSL/TLS to encrypt transmissions from clients to and from Tableau to your databases. Tableau helps you protect your data, users and content from the outside world, and Tableau has clickjack protection enabled at all times.

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Your data is priceless.

No matter the industry, your enterprise can’t afford to lose control of its data assets. Tableau has a breadth of options to help you safeguard your data. You can implement security solely based on your database authentication, in Tableau or with a hybrid security model.

Empower your organization to implement a hybrid security plan, where user information in Tableau corresponds to data elements in the underlying database. Tableau reinforces your existing data security strategies and meets SOX, SOC and ISAE industry compliance standards.

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Security relies on a smart strategy.

The first and most critical part of any data and content governance strategy is security. Tableau provides the comprehensive features and deep integrations needed to address all aspects of enterprise security.

Promote trusted data sources for all users, so the right data is used to make sound decisions quickly. With governance strategies at play throughout the enterprise, Tableau offers consistently secure self-service analytics at scale.

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