A broad array of commercial applications

Together, Insight and Vertiv boost physical security and environmental management in publicly accessible spaces such as:

Cashier using POS

Point-of-Sale stations

Professional on a data center

General access areas

Woman pointing on a touchscreen monitor


Employees on a stock room

Commercial stock rooms

Closet full of clothes

Converted closet

Customer handing their payment

Expanded resiliency and control

From multi-vendor complexity to insufficient monitoring capabilities, organizations face a number of challenges in maintaining IT equipment housed inside commercial spaces.

With Vertiv solutions from Insight, you’ll expand your ability to manage power sources, battery backups, environmental factors and more, leading to decreased IT costs, downtime and disruption.

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Vertiv Foundation Wall Mount Enclosure system

Commercial wall mounting

When you don’t have enough floor space inside closets or small rooms, you can use wall space to house your IT equipment by leveraging the Vertiv Foundation Wall Mount Enclosure system. You’ll make the most of your space without sacrificing security.

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Vertix rack solution

Vertiv rack solutions

Commercial spaces have a unique set of deployment needs, and the Vertiv VR rack is uniquely equipped to address them. You’ll gain support for all your equipment, from servers and storage to routers and switches, even in high-density environments.

Not only is the VR rack easy to install and built for flexibility and evolution, but it also makes it simple to standardize and accelerate your device deployments.

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Vertiv contained racks

Vertiv contained racks

Better climate control in commercial spaces fuels better business resiliency. With contained racks from Vertiv, you’ll get robust air conditioning and protection against forces such as heat, dust and moisture.

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Vertiv Liebert DS

Vertiv row cooling

Discover what advanced thermal controls, modular design and easy service access can do for your organization. The Liebert® DS — a versatile, reliable direct expansion data center cooling system — you’ll enhance efficiency and protection.

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