Effective IT management solutions

Gain comprehensive functionality, scalability and security across the entire organization with Vertiv KVM, service processor and serial console technologies.

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Access simply.

Vertiv provides instant access to multiple computers and peripherals through a range of IT management products.

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Critical power

Vertiv helps improve uptime with future-proof, integrated UPS systems that cover all your IT infrastructure backup power needs.

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Ensure security.

Customize your security policies and ensure compliance with data center security and access requirements.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Longer run times with Lithium-Ion UPS

Lithium-Ion UPS reduces burdens at edge IT sites by minimizing power-related equipment damage and the need for scheduled maintenance, plus recharging quickly after outages.

With runtimes more than twice those of traditional lead-acid batteries, Liebert lithium-ion batteries limit the need for replacements and repairs, lowering your total cost of ownership.

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Liebert PSI5 and Liebert GXT5

Critical power at the edge

Both the Liebert PSI5 and Liebert GXT5 families of products safeguard your IT investment during power anomalies. During an outage, the units allow key applications to continue to function until a safe shutdown can be performed.

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Liibert PSA5 and Liebert PST5 UPS systems

Reliable office power protection

Liebert PSA5 and Liebert PST5 UPS systems offer high levels of protection for vital business equipment, safeguarding small electronics from outages, surges and other power interruptions, and facilitating a safe shutdown of connected PCs.

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