Our team will help you:

  • Increase data visibility and flexibility
  • Simplify data systems while managing growth
  • Improve time to value for data scientists and analysts
  • Leverage analytics to enhance systems
  • Optimize your technology budget

Future-ready solutions and services

Data isn’t just a major component of your IT ecosystem — it’s the foundation of your business, and it rapidly expands and evolves. The solutions and strategies you depend upon to manage your data can drive new outcomes, but they can also hinder growth and innovation.

Through our data infrastructure solutions, including managed services and as-a-service offerings, we deploy our deep expertise and trusted vendor relationships to realize your goals. With a versatile, modern architecture, you’ll boost efficiency, maximize security and simplify operations.

Storage and Storage-as-a-Service solutions

Meeting today’s performance needs and tomorrow’s transformation goals requires a strategic approach to storage infrastructure. With our expertise in cloud, flash and Storage as a Service (STaaS), we’re equipped to guide you on your journey — whether you want to refine existing strategies or adopt an entirely new architecture.

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Backup and disaster recovery solutions

As the cyberthreat landscape evolves, security is top of mind for organizations — and many IT leaders worry their legacy storage systems aren’t up to the task. We’ll help you adapt with customized, future-ready backup and disaster recovery solutions, including our Managed Backup services.

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Our solutions and services drive progress toward new outcomes through:

  • Evaluating your current state
  • Strategizing and implementing changes
  • Optimizing your workload alignment
  • Boosting your data capacity
  • Refining your existing infrastructure

Our approach to data infrastructure modernization

Transitioning away from legacy systems requires a thoughtful, pragmatic approach. When you partner with us, we work to understand your needs and develop a roadmap for strategically integrating new technologies into your existing environment.

Data infrastructure success stories

Our architecture solutions deliver transformative results for clients across industries. Discover how our managed infrastructure services helped a global data center operator lay the foundation for growth and an improved end-user experience.

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In our modernization services, we guide you toward technologies and services that:

  • Leverage analytics and data science
  • Enable informed decision-making
  • Reduce manual errors through automation

Enabling innovation with AI and ML

Innovations in analytics deliver rich insights that can spark more effective business strategies. However, implementing solutions fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) requires fast and agile data infrastructure.

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Optimize your data warehouse with Insight Lens Fast Start.

Combining data from multiple sources has its challenges — including maintenance burdens and complex ingestion strategies. More businesses are turning to Modern Data Warehouses (MDWs) for seamless data integration that improves scalability and optimizes cost.

Insight Lens Fast Start helps businesses launch MDW initiatives while significantly decreasing the time to value for onboarding. Our experts will create a roadmap for adoption that accelerates your data storage strategy and drives efficiency.

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Client story: Migrating thousands of servers to Azure to support innovation

A supply chain company wanted a wholesale refresh of its aging infrastructure and data management strategy — identifying Microsoft® Azure for the upgrade. Discover how Insight assessed its entire environment to create an exit strategy that migrated 3,000 servers to Azure and laid the groundwork for future digital transformation.

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